Exploring Anti-Racism Support Services in Australia: A Closer Look at Maya Cares and Racial Trauma and Stress Therapy

Racism is beyond an experience or an encounter; it is a traumatic wound that lives within due to generational oppression and discrimination. A wound that can be healed through access to culturally safe spaces and services that fosters radical inter-generational healing.” Nicholah Wasarirevu

As a therapist providing racial trauma and inter-generational therapy, I believe it is essential to create culturally safe and affirming spaces for individuals, particularly for First Nations, Black and People of Colour, to share their experiences. As well as decolonising mental health practices to promote radical inter-generational healing.

In Australia, What Resources Are Available To Support First Nations , Black and People of Colour Who Have Experienced Racism?

Maya Cares is a new online chat-bot that provides a safe space for women of colour to confide in when they experience racism.

Maya offers a confidential and supportive platform for women to share their experiences and access emotional and practical support resources. The project was led by Ms Ashraf, founder of The Creative Co-Operative, and her team of Women Of Colour, who recognised the need for a safe and accessible space for those who experience racism.

By providing resources and support for individuals and communities who have experienced racism, Maya Cares helps create a safer and more supportive environment for all. It also provides information and resources on legal rights and how to report incidents of racism.

The idea of culturally safe spaces has expanded beyond physical locations in today’s society, as digital media and the internet can also be utilised to make a positive impact. Dr Kathomi Gatwiri and PhD candidate Claire Moran’s research on “Reclaiming Racial Dignity” emphasises the significance of social media in fostering connections and solidarity within Black communities. It also highlights how digital networks can be used to build support systems and resistance against racism and discrimination.

At Sisters Healing Space, we have developed an APP that aims to promote intercultural sisterhood for Sisters to Connect and empower each other on their healing and wellness journey As well as share their experiences and access self-guided courses Sisters Can readily access.

Green Flags In Therapy
A Black Therapist who affirms your identity and experiences, while also creating a safe and accepting environment where you can freely express yourself without needing to explain cultural context or “code-switch” A Sister who truly understands YOU – Nicholah Wasarirevu

Therapy and Counseling

Another essential resource for individuals who have experienced racism is therapy and counselling services for racial trauma. The psychological effects of racism can cause anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health conditions known as racial trauma. Seeking help from culturally safe therapists can provide individuals with coping strategies and resilience to manage the effects of racial and intergenerational trauma.

Anti-racism Therapy and support services involve examining and challenging systemic racism and discrimination that affect individuals and communities. Racial Stress and Trauma Therapy addresses the emotional and psychological effects of experiencing racism and discrimination, recognising that racism is not just an experience but also a traumatic wound.

By incorporating a therapeutic trauma-informed approach, individuals and services can shift the narrative from ‘experiencing racism’ to understanding it as a traumatic wound and the need for culturally safe services and resources to promote radical healing and resilience.

Inter-generational Trauma and Racial Trauma and stress

Reclaiming ancestral knowledge, legacy, and resilience that runs deep in one’s bloodlines is a powerful strength within First Nations, Black, and People of Colour communities. Beyond the wounds and trauma inflicted upon us, our ancestors have gifted us with resilience and the power of generational healing that can be passed on to future generations. “ – Nicholah W CEO/Founder Sisters Healing Space

Racial trauma therapy and inter-generational trauma are related concepts that can be addressed together in therapy, mainly when working with individuals from communities that have experienced historical or ongoing trauma related to racism and discrimination.

Inter-generational trauma refers to the transmission of trauma across generations, where individuals inherit the psychological, emotional, and social effects of trauma experienced by their ancestors. In the context of racism and discrimination, inter-generational trauma may be passed down through families and communities who have experienced historical and ongoing oppression.

In the process of healing from racial trauma and stress, integrating inter-generational trauma into therapy can help individuals understand how these wounds have impacted their lives and those of their ancestors.

As a therapist, I believe that just as inter-generational trauma can be passed down, so can generational healing. It’s important for individuals to embrace and harness their inner strengths passed down from generation to generation as they embark on their healing journey.

Our lineage has gifted us with more than just wounds. We can foster radical healing by reclaiming ancestral knowledge, legacy, and resilience that runs deep in our bloodlines. This powerful strength is within First Nations, Black, and People of Colour communities. Beyond the wounds and trauma inflicted upon us, our ancestors have also gifted us with resilience and the power of generational healing that can be passed on to future generations.

By reclaiming our generational strengths and resiliency, we can see beyond the wounds and develop a sense of agency and empowerment in our healing journey. These strengths and resilience can be reclaimed and utilised to foster radical healing and reliance in the present. It’s essential to recognise that healing is not just an individual process but a collective one that can have a ripple effect through our communities and future generations.

In conclusion, healing racial trauma and stress requires culturally safe spaces for racial trauma healing, therapy and counselling services, and a holistic approach that integrates intergenerational trauma therapy into the therapeutic process is beneficial. By reclaiming our ancestral strengths and resiliency, we can promote healing that extends beyond the individual and into our communities and future generations.

Anti-Racism and Racial Stress and Trauma support Services In Australia:

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Dr Kathomi Gatwiri.

Sisters Healing Space – Nicholah Wasarirevu

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Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space
Author: Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space

Nicholah is a highly experienced Black African Social Worker, Therapist, and Mental Health Clinician who is also currently pursuing a PhD. Her research is focused on decolonising mental health practices and examining the impact of racial trauma. With more than five years of experience in the human services and mental health sector, Nicholah recognised the lack of culturally safe and affirming healing and wellness spaces for First Nations, Black and Women of Colour. In response, she founded Sisters Healing Space in 2020. Sisters Healing Space is a nationwide therapist and wellness directory and mental well service platform dedicated to promoting healing and wellness for Sisters’ of all ages. Its mission is to provide access to culturally safe and affirming services, destigmatise mental health within the community and promote generational healing.