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Planting Healing Trees


Breaking down the walls of therapy.

Sisters Healing Space facilitates culturally safe, strength-based and trauma-informed therapeutic creative workshops. We embed creative and expressive arts in our workshops to create safe spaces for Sisters to express themselves and openly discuss mental health and wellness.  


We have facilitated and developed creative therapeutic workshops that promote a connection to self, community and culture with Sisters from multicultural and diverse communities.  Contact Us To Book Our Workshops Featured Below. 

Pressed But not Crushed – Pressed flower workshop

Sometimes life and challenging experiences may press us down; however, we are not crushed. Our 2.5 Hour guided pressed flower workshop explores well-being and self-care tips when you feel pressed to find inner peace and strength to create a masterpiece.

Stones Of Strength – 

Rock Painting WorkShop

If inter-generational trauma can be passed on, so can generational healing. Whilst healing inter-generational trauma, don’t forget to claim Your Generational Strengths. This 2.5-hour therapeutic workshop explores what keeps you grounded and cultivates your inner-strength through rock painting.

Planting Healing Trees- Workshop 

We all have healing trees within us, for our trees to flourish we need to be planted in nourishing soil. A 2.5-hour creative pot painting planting healing trees workshop. Promoting a connection to body, mind, spirit, culture and nature by exploring healing roots within you.

Sister Healing Space has offered many Craft and Chat workshops to our women at Naala Djookan Healing Centre. Each session offered is highly appreciated by participants. Nicholah is very warm and friendly. She has an innate ability to make the group feel comfortable and support them to get the best out of the session, which the women describe as being deeply fulfilling and inspiring. Choice of craft activity, constant encouragement, and reassurance by Nicholah helped our clients leave the class with a feeling of peace and healing. Thank you Nicholah for creating a safe space for our women and offering such wonderful sessions at our centre.

Naala Djookan

Healing Centre, Mirrabooka

Planting Healing Trees –

Healing Circle 

We all have healing trees within us, for our trees to flourish we need to be planted in nourishing soil. When you rewrite your story, you prune out trauma roots and wounds, to plant healing roots in your life.

Your healing tree will produce healing branches that bear healing fruits and leaves. The leaves of your healing tree will heal generations. 

Join us on a soul-enriching journey not only to rewrite your story however to also prune trauma roots and plant healing trees that promote wellness and generational healing. As you reclaim your story, each week we explore reconnecting with your inner child healing, identity, unmasking your inner self, self-care, generational trauma and healing.

What’s Included

Five-week guided group therapy

Facilitated by Nicholah Wasarirevu, the author of the “Rewrite your story: painting healing trees” and Founder of SHS. Click here for information about Nicholah


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