Kickstarting International Men’s Mental Health Week with “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” – An Electrifying Exclusive Screening Event in Perth!

June 8th saw the start of International Men’s Mental Health Week with an unforgettable event in Perth – the exclusive screening of “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” This empowering gathering at the Palace Cinemas Raine Square highlighted the power of unity and community spirit, with banter and brotherhood taking center stage.

Attendees were dressed in their “baddest” attire, eager to dive into the world of humor, action, and brotherhood that the “Bad Boys” series, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is known for. The screening was well attended. At the event’s colorful red carpet reception, which began at midday, guests could snap pictures and socialize with sponsors, entrepreneurs, Men’s group facilitators,  influencers and celebrities.

Albertina Ncube , Henry Cooper, Colin Archibald, Prince Igbenoba , Nicholah Wasarirevu, Joyice Jo , Bayan Massoudi

International Men’s Mental Health

Additionally, this event served as the kick start to Men’s Mental Health Week, underscoring the importance of mental well-being, support, and solidarity among men. By celebrating the themes of the movie and fostering an environment of openness and connection, the screening highlighted the crucial role of community , brotherhood  in promoting mental health awareness and support.


A special highlight of the event was the attendance of numerous fathers and sons, underscoring the importance of male role models in fostering strong, supportive relationships. The film captured an element of fatherhood, adding a heartfelt layer to the festivities and emphasizing the significance of mentorship and familial bonds alongside friendship.

Our Sponsors and Team

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our incredible sponsors who made the Bad Boys: Ride Or Die private screening unforgettable:

A Huge Thank You To Our Major Nationwide Sponsor GNA Services 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to GNS Services for their generous sponsorship of our recent event. Your support was instrumental in making the private screening of “Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die” a memorable and impactful experience for the community. Your commitment to fostering community spirit and promoting mental well-being aligns perfectly with our mission.

Guest Hosts and Special Appearances

The screening excitement was further amplified by the presence of notable guest hosts, including:

Special guest Bayan Massoudi from Channel 10, who is well-known for his parts in “Studio 10,” “Hunted Australia,” “The Cheap Seats,” “Gogglebox,” and “The Project,” brought energy and grace to the occasion. Massoudi and Jacquie Ashby from Perth Happenings Team  live-streamed the event to fans all over the city, capturing the excitement and action.

Prince Igbenoba is a Perth-based Emcee, model, actor and budding tv personality. After being raised in a traditional home in Perth WA, Prince discovered he had a passion for speaking and immersing himself in different cultures and their events.

Prince has been modelling and acting in TV commercials with Rottnest Island, Lottery West, Nippon Airlines and Advantage Air.

Panel Discussion

The lively “Bad Boys” panel included:

Highlighting Men’s Mental Health

The lively panel discussion on men’s mental health was one of the evening’s main attractions. The conversation, which was facilitated by esteemed guest hosts discussed the significance of men’s mental health.

With raw and real-life stories from each of our panelists, the men in attendance received a wealth of inspiration and practical advice on how to lead more fulfilling lives.

The panel encouraged men to ask for help and make connections with others by highlighting the importance of open communication and support networks.

Following the screening, guests were invited to a sumptuous reception where they could mingle and talk about the movie while savoring exquisite canapés and themed beverages. Fans connected over their mutual passion of the franchise and shared their favorite moments, creating an exciting atmosphere.

A Night to Remember

The triumph of the private “Bad Boys: Ride Or Die” screening in Perth bears witness to the strength of community and the long-lasting allure of the “Bad Boys” franchise and our lasting commitment to Men’s Mental Health.

We would like to thank our sponsors, team, and guests once more for helping to make the #BadBoys4 private screening a memorable occasion.

We ride together, we stay together!

Your support and presence made this event truly special. Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates!

Heartfelt Thanks to The Team

Colin Archibald, Henry Cooper,  Albertina Ncube and Nicholah Wasarirevu

Colin and Henry, your meticulous planning and coordination ensured that every detail of the event was executed flawlessly.Your efforts in outreach and communication played a pivotal role in generating excitement and ensuring a strong turnout.

Albertina, your talent in graphics and content creation brought a vibrant and engaging atmosphere to the event. From designing promotional materials to enhancing the visual appeal of the venue, your creativity added an extra dimension to the overall experience.

Nicholah Wasarirevu, your innovative idea to bring men together, as a Sister, underscores the importance of creating safe spaces and planting seeds for generational healing. Your vision added a profound layer to the event, promoting unity and understanding.

Thank you all for your hard work, commitment, and passion.

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