In June, we embarked on a journey to Sydney for the Wesley Mission Youth Mindfulness Retreat, an experience we were grateful to be invited to deliver Sisters Healing Space Workshops with the young people attending the retreat and staff. In this blog post, we invite you to join us as we reflect on the profound moments and insights gained during this enriching retreat.

Mindfulness and Cultural Connections

This retreat was carefully designed to help us embrace mindfulness while recognizing the significance of our cultural backgrounds. Sisters Healing Space facilitated two unique workshops, “Pressed but not Crushed” and “Planting Healing Trees,” with a strong focus on mental well-being. We strongly believe in destigmatizing mental health and wellness practices, and this belief shines through in our workshops. Our primary focus was on well-being, equipping young people with essential mental health tools, and fostering an inclusive journey into mindfulness. This approach allowed us to connect deeply with our cultural roots and personal identities while learning about mindfulness through a culturally informed lens. One participant expressed, “The workshop helped me form a stronger connection with myself, and the tools provided aided me in managing my emotions more effectively.” Another participant shared, “Through these workshops, I found inner peace within myself and with those around me.”

Highlights from The Workshop

Emotional Well-being and Mindfulness

Our workshops explored with the young people practical emotion management techniques, including deep breathing and connecting with nature. These methods were designed to integrate wellness, cultural practices exploring their identity and cultural roots. One participant aptly said, “I gained insights into better managing my mental health and discovered valuable techniques, including the power of the breathing exercises.” Another participant noted, “These workshops introduced me to new ways of coping with personal challenges.” A third participant emphasized, “The breathing exercises were particularly instrumental in maintaining emotional balance.”

Early Intervention and Empowerment

Our workshops are crucial in early intervention, especially among young people, and in exploring our identity and self-esteem. We introduced mindfulness techniques and emotional resilience strategies, empowering the young people to recognize and manage stress and anxiety at an early stage. The safe environment we created encouraged open conversations about mental well-being. Furthermore, incorporating cultural identity and heritage into the workshops fostered a sense of belonging and cultural pride, protecting young individuals against mental health challenges.

Inner Peace

A  remarkable outcome of the workshops was the discovery of inner peace. Our workshops prompted self-reflection, enabling young individuals, to reflect on both their external and internal selves. This introspective journey allowed them to explore self-esteem and navigate the challenges of conforming to societal influences. “These workshops allowed me to find inner peace within myself and with others,” remarked one participant.

Acceptance and Identity

Our workshops significantly contributed to promoting self-acceptance and connection with their cultural identity. Delving into the significance of generational strengths and family traditions highlighted how these aspects can be passed down to the younger generation. We explored generational strengths and family traditions, recognizing their impact on our cultural identity. “I learned to accept myself and my cultural identity. These workshops helped me recognize the strengths I’ve inherited from my family and culture,” shared one participant. Another young person simply yet profoundly stated, “I understand the identity of my roots.”

Ancestral Reflection

Their reflections extended beyond oneself and included their ancestors and family members. This broader perspective allowed them to explore the roots and  lineage. One participant said, “Yes, it made me reflect not only on myself as an individual but also on my ancestors and family.” The workshops also touched upon the potential for inter-generational healing, emphasizing that just as trauma can be passed down, so can healing. Reflecting on their lineage, young people were able to identify that their ancestors have passed on more than just wounds but also generational gifts.


The retreat served as a platform for personal exploration, allowing them to uncover aspects of themselves, their culture, and their history that resonated with them.

Thank You

The Wesley Mission Youth Mindfulness Retreat in Sydney transcended mindfulness. It represented a profound exploration of holistic mental wellness, cultural understanding, and self-discovery for us as young individuals. The reflection and feedback highlight our Workshop and collaboration’s positive impact on us by empowering us to deepen our self-awareness and strengthen our connection to our cultural heritage through mindfulness. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Wesley Mission Team  and the exceptional young people who actively participated in these transformative workshops. Your journey and growth inspire us, and we look forward to continuing this empowering work together.

Our Workshops:

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Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space
Author: Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space

Nicholah is a highly experienced Black African Social Worker, Therapist, and Mental Health Clinician who is also currently pursuing a PhD. Her research is focused on decolonising mental health practices and examining the impact of racial trauma. With more than five years of experience in the human services and mental health sector, Nicholah recognised the lack of culturally safe and affirming healing and wellness spaces for First Nations, Black and Women of Colour. In response, she founded Sisters Healing Space in 2020. Sisters Healing Space is a nationwide therapist and wellness directory and mental well service platform dedicated to promoting healing and wellness for Sisters’ of all ages. Its mission is to provide access to culturally safe and affirming services, destigmatise mental health within the community and promote generational healing.