Glory Triggers Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts: How Confronting Painful Experiences Can Lead to Healing and Birthing Your Purpose

Being “triggered” can take us back to painful moments from the past, but triggers also can bring us back to glory! When you courageously confront your triggers, you gain revelation for what took place back then, and at the same time, you activate the person God is calling you to be right now. When you avoid your triggers, you avoid the healing that’s connected to that moment. Not every trigger is meant to destroy you; some are meant to deliver you. As you navigate this current version of yourself, get ready to be triggered – Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Triggers are often defined as harmful events or situations that cause emotional distress or discomfort. They can range from a specific smell, sound, or sight to a particular memory or experience.

Triggers can be overwhelming and cause us to feel stuck or powerless, but what if we shift our perspective and view them as opportunities for growth, healing, and birthing our purpose?

The healing journey can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when confronted with our triggers. However, it’s important to remember that not every trigger is meant to destroy us.

In fact, some may lead to our healing, deliver us, and even birth our purpose.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Glory Triggers Sermon

Pastor Sarah Jakes  Roberts shared the story of Moses. He was taken back to where he was triggered, but through a powerful encounter with God, he returned with a new sense of purpose and direction.

After listening to this powerful sermon, I was reminded of the story of Hagar in Genesis 16.  The story of Hagar also shows that confronting our triggers can lead to positive outcomes.

Hagar fled a painful situation and encountered God in the wilderness. Instead of delivering her, God instructed her to return; however, she didn’t return the same as she left.

She returned after encountering God, and he revealed his promises to her. (Genesis 16:9-12)

After returning to Sarah, Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. Sarah became jealous of Hagar and the child and told Abraham to send her away. Hagar found herself in the wilderness again, but she was with her son Ishmael (“God hears”).

While in the wilderness, God saw her misery; he heard her cries for help. God fulfilled his promise and her purpose through Ishmael. God used Hagar’s painful experiences to birth a great nation through Ishmael (Genesis 21:17-20).

The pain & Discomfort of your triggers may lead to the birth of your purpose through the journey of healing and growth

Your triggers may have been labor pains, but you can birth the purpose within you through healing and growth.

Like Hagar, who gave birth to Ishmael while enduring years of mistreatment, we can also birth something beautiful from the pain we’ve experienced.

Though the process of healing and growth may be complicated, it is through these struggles that we gain the strength, resilience, and insight needed to fulfill our purpose in life.

By confronting our triggers, we can release the limitations that have held us back and step into the fullness of our potential.

Healing My Triggers

In 2017, I was sexually assaulted in Perth, despite God revealing to me a few years prior that I was meant to move there.

This triggered conflicting emotions; I asked God, “Why would you tell me to return to the same place where I experienced great pain?”.

My therapist was also conflicted about the idea; however, she reminded me that triggers are an opportunity for healing.

By confronting my triggers on my healing journey, I founded Sisters Healing Space and worked with my therapist to move to Perth.

Eventually, I made the big move to Perth and gained insight into my purpose, activating my anointing.

Confronting Our Triggers

It can lead to healing, deliverance, and even birth your purpose and activate your anointing. But this can only happen after we have experienced healing or an encounter with God.

Attempting to return to the same place of pain without healing or encounter with God can lead to more hurt and wounds.

Healing Is A Process

It cannot be rushed, and it’s not linear. It takes time and effort and often requires confronting difficult emotions and experiences. Rushing our healing journey can ultimately do more harm than good.

Sometimes, we may be tempted to return to the same place of pain without any healing or an encounter with God. However, this can lead to more hurt and wounds.

It’s important to seek healing and growth because we need to empower ourselves before we can empower others.

It’s also important to recognize that sometimes, we aren’t meant to return to the same place of pain because our triggers deliver and heal us.

You can still use the pain you experienced to empower others without returning to the situation. Sometimes, sharing your deliverance will inspire other people in a similar case.

Last Word

In conclusion, not every trigger is meant to destroy us. Some can lead to healing, deliver us, and even birth our purpose.

But, we can only experience a glory trigger after we have experienced healing or an encounter with God. Let us trust God’s timing and guidance and allow ourselves to heal fully and completely before moving forward.

Don’t rush your healing journey, for it is through the process that we can truly experience God’s glory and purpose in store for us.

Everyone has the potential for growth and change, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, traumas, or other challenges, we support you on your journey toward greater resilience and well-being.

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Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space
Author: Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space

Nicholah is a highly experienced Black African Social Worker, Therapist, and Mental Health Clinician who is also currently pursuing a PhD. Her research is focused on decolonising mental health practices and examining the impact of racial trauma. With more than five years of experience in the human services and mental health sector, Nicholah recognised the lack of culturally safe and affirming healing and wellness spaces for First Nations, Black and Women of Colour. In response, she founded Sisters Healing Space in 2020. Sisters Healing Space is a nationwide therapist and wellness directory and mental well service platform dedicated to promoting healing and wellness for Sisters’ of all ages. Its mission is to provide access to culturally safe and affirming services, destigmatise mental health within the community and promote generational healing.