The Gift of Rejection: Nona Jones – The Story Of Leah and God’s Love

Hey Sis! Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s as real as it gets – The Gift OF Rejection Inspired by Pastor Nona Jones Sermon.

Picture this:

I was feeling all fired up after watching a soul-stirring sermon by the incredible Pastor Nona Jones. Inspired, I knew I had to pen a blog post on ‘The Gift of Rejection’. After watching this sermon I was led to read the story of Leah, a woman who was unloved, unwanted and rejected by man. But Loved by God. I wrote a draft blog post ready to publish this Friday.

Little did I know a I would be facing a fresh wave of rejection myself. So here I am in my pyjamas, clutching a cup of steaming coffee and tissues, trying to make sense of it all writing this blog post. I have been working tirelessly on a project, and i just found out my application was ‘rejected’, well I guess not successful is the nicer way to say it. As someone who is always ambitious I felt like a failure. The pain of rejection hit me to my core. SIS IS TIRED!

Maybe you are also in a similar situation asking yourself ‘Why Me?’.

The painful reality of Rejection is IT HURTS. Why does rejection hurt?

Rejection is like a heartache that cuts deep into our very souls. Memories of past rejections rushed back like a tidal wave, from the pain of being rejected by my father , failed relationships ending in lies and deceit and now a career setback. The nagging feeling of unworthiness began to take its toll, leaving me wondering if life was just a series of painful letdowns.

Rejection is like a deep wound, that shatters our hearts because we had the hope of acceptance.

Acceptance for that application. Acceptance from our family or maybe acceptance from the person whom you poured out your heart and soul to. But take heart, for God is the ultimate healer of hope. Just as Pastor Nona Jones references the story of King David, today we will discuss – the story of Leah.

As Sisters, many of us can resonate with Leah’s experiences. we’ve faced rejection from those we loved, be it a partner, a husband, friend or even deceit and feelings of inadequacy when compared to other women or siblings.

Leah’s life was a roller coaster of emotions. A woman whose life was marred by rejection from the get-go. She was deceived by her father to being unloved by her very own husband, Jacob (Genesis 29). We can conclude Leah had her fair share of heartaches. She yearned for Jacob’s love, hoping that bearing him children would win his affections. But fate had other plans.

However, in the midst of her suffering, Leah found favour with God, she was blessed with six sons and one daughter, with Judah playing a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

How To Deal With Rejection? Change Your Mindset 

Rejection is A GIFT

I know what you’re thinking – how can rejection ever be a gift? Trust me, I was just as skeptical. But hear me out. After watching Pastor Nona Jones’ s sermon and reading Leah’s story, I realized that rejection is an opportunity for growth and purpose. It’s a chance for divine redirection, paving the way for a greater plan that might not always be clear at first.

Embrace rejection as a sacred invitation to rediscover your worth. For in those moments, you’ll unearth the limitless love and acceptance that dwells within your own heart to Spark! 

– Nicholah Wasarirevu

Embracing The Gift :

To accept rejection as a gift, we must first allow ourselves to feel and embrace the emotions that come with it. Leah’s honesty in expressing her unhappiness and misery before God exemplifies the importance of acknowledging our pain and vulnerability (Genesis 29:32). Through prayer, we can find solace and strength, even when words fail us. Prayer becomes a sanctuary where we can cast our burdens and hurt upon God, knowing that He hears our cries and will not forsake us. So give yourself permission to cry, shout, and let it all out. You’re human, and it’s okay to feel vulnerable.

The Power of Prayer:

Praying during times of rejection may seem challenging, especially when we find ourselves at a loss for words. But keep praying even when all you have left are tears, know that God hears your cries.

As a single mother, my journey felt like a reality TV show drama, more like Love and Hip Hop.The father of my child chose to be with another woman and didn’t want anything to do with his child, leaving me heartbroken and rejected. Looking back I was young and ‘in love’, our relationship was so toxic and abusive. I was so hurt and In those moments of pain, all I could do was weep and pour out my heart to God.

To add to the wound I was rejected and labeled by my community for having a child at 17, I was the example of ‘The Bad Child’. Another wound is my father told me ‘I would never amount to anything’. He rejected me and never supported me. I had to work whilst pregnant to pay my college fees and pay someone to help set up by daughters crib, whilst he was the perfect uncle and helped another family member prepare for their child.

I felt the pain of rejection and the label engraved on me. I never enjoyed my pregnancy and only had one photo whilst i was pregnant. Amidst the tears and heartache, prayer became my refuge, a sanctuary where I could lay my burdens before God.

The reality is rejection sometimes leaves you in isolation you feel so lonely. It’s hard to see or feel Gods love. But prayers become our refuge, where we pour out our hearts and find strength even in the midst of confusion and rejection. Keep on praying even if all you have left are tears. God hears the heart. One thing I love about God is hr often used isolation to prepare his leaders for a greater assignment, for example the story of Joseph (Genesis 41:1).

The Training Ground for Purpose:

So, here’s the deal-rejection is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s also the training ground for your purpose! Just as God knew Jeremiah before he was formed in the womb and appointed him as a prophet, our experiences of rejection can position us for God’s greater plans (Jeremiah 1:5). The Rejection may have been unexpected to you but it’s not a surprise to God.

The reality is rejection sometimes leaves you in isolation you feel so lonely. It’s hard to see or feel or feel Gods love. But prayers become our refuge, where we pour out our hearts and find strength even in the midst of confusion and rejection. Keep on praying even if all you have left are tears. God hears the heart. One thing I love about God is he often used isolation to prepare his leaders for a greater assignment, for example the story of Joseph (Genesis 41:1). David was also rejected by his brothers.

Rejection prepares you for your elevation. In the story of Leah we see how God was blessing Leah in a situation where she was unloved and rejected. When God blesses you and he has his hands upon, he blesses you for his glory. Though people may reject you, God’s blessings shine brightly, openly displaying His glory even before those who once rejected you. Rachel became jealous of Leah and in the story of King David, Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the LORD came upon David in power.

Rejection is God’s Protection:

Looking back on my life, I recognized that rejection was God’s way of protecting me and redirecting my path towards greater blessings. Literally I would have been in a situation accepting less than I deserved. It was rejection that gave me strength. It was rejection that me strive for a better future for myself and daughter.

What appeared as failures and disappointments at the time were, God was preparing me for my purpose and opportunities I would have otherwise missed. I learned to trust that God’s plans are always for my good, and in the midst of rejection, His hand is at work, shielding me from harm and elevating me to greater heights.

Often times we want the breakthrough, we want the testimony. However, there is always a breaking before the breakthrough. There is a test before the testimony.

Anchoring Identity in God :

Leah’s story reminds us that our identity lies in God’s unshakable love, not in the judgments of the world or men. In the face of rejection, we often question our identity and worth. Yet,God doesn’t look at the outward he looks and the heart. God saw Leah’s heart. We find our true identity in God, who created us with a purpose and unshakable love. By anchoring our identity in God, we can face the storms of rejection with unwavering faith and trust in His plan for our lives.

Rewriting Your Story :

Embracing the gift of rejection is not an easy journey, but it is one that leads to growth, purpose, and a deeper connection with God. By looking to the story of Leah, we find hope and redemption even in the face of rejection. As we allow ourselves to feel, pray, and trust God’s plans, rejection becomes a stepping stone toward fulfilling our destinies. When we anchor our identity in God, we discover that rejection need not define us but can instead refine us. Ultimately, rejection becomes an instrument of God’s protection and divine redirection, paving the way for His greater purpose in our lives.

Just like Pastor Nona Jones’ powerful testimony of overcoming rejection from her mother, we can see how God can work through us to rewrite our own stories.

So, I ask you today, how can God rewrite your story? How can you take the pen into your hands and start writing your own narrative?

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Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space
Author: Nicholah Wasarirevu CEO/Founder of Sisters Healing Space

Nicholah is a highly experienced Black African Social Worker, Therapist, and Mental Health Clinician who is also currently pursuing a PhD. Her research is focused on decolonising mental health practices and examining the impact of racial trauma. With more than five years of experience in the human services and mental health sector, Nicholah recognised the lack of culturally safe and affirming healing and wellness spaces for First Nations, Black and Women of Colour. In response, she founded Sisters Healing Space in 2020. Sisters Healing Space is a nationwide therapist and wellness directory and mental well service platform dedicated to promoting healing and wellness for Sisters’ of all ages. Its mission is to provide access to culturally safe and affirming services, destigmatise mental health within the community and promote generational healing.